Vendor Submissions

Location: Downtown Cartersville

There will be a limited number of vendors in each category that will be accepted, so make sure to get all of your information in on time.

Please make sure that you have attached or emailed a photo of your booth/products/display before the application deadline in order to be considered. Here are examples of an appropriate booth:

Vendors are required to bring their own tents, tables, chairs, etc. If electricity is requested, vendor will be responsible for bringing their own extension cord.

If a generator will be used, its noise while operating must stay below 60db. Generators that exceed 60db must be placed behind the booth with sound baffling around it to reduce the volume impact to other vendors and festival attendees.

Set up starts at 7:00 AM. All booths must be set up and all vehicles removed from the festival area by 10:30 AM Saturday morning. There will be no parking at the vendor booths.

Vendors on the Firehouse Stage side agree to remain open and have their booth manned until 7:00 PM.
Vendors next to the Main Stage cannot begin breaking down until the festival ends at 7:30 PM.


Vendors will handle all sales transactions for their booth. Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying all Georgia and other taxes.

Vendors are responsible for maintenance of their area. Trash cans are available on site, however vendors are responsible for their own trash disposal. A $50 clean up fee will be invoiced to those vendors who do not clean up their area.

Payment is required in order to reserve your spot. If payment is not received by October 15th then we will have to offer your spot to the next in line.


Fees for Vendor Booths:

Hand crafted goods OR non-profit booth $75
(spaces are 10’ X 10’)
*double spaces are available

Retail sales OR for-profit business booth $100
(spaces are 10’ X 10’)
*double spaces are available

Food Vendors OR food trucks
(spaces are 10’ X 10’)
*double spaces are available

*Adult Beverage Vendors are responsible for all state and local permits, and must provide Special Event
Liability Insurance, listing City of Cartersville as additional insured. Vendors are responsible for checking IDs and providing wristbands to consumers which MUST be worn at all times. Drinks must be served in a disposable cup; absolutely no cans or bottles are permitted (trash cans will be provided, which are the responsibility of the vendor to empty throughout the day at the dumpsters provided).

Checks to be made out to: Cartersville Downtown Development Authority.
Fees are non-refundable for any reason; including weather.

We are not taking applications yet for 2019. Please email to be added to the list for notification on when applications are available.